Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Goal update

Well, it's now the 18th of March and I don't think I have met even half of my goals! I have only made 1 card, well 2 but 1 is not finished yet. I have done maybe 3 layouts if that I think that includes what I did in Galveston. And as for my room, well its staying semi clean. I will say the jetmax cubes really help me keep it clean, especailly now that I have 4! Then there is the RAK, hmm not sure what to do for that...WAIT I got it!! I would tell you but if the person I am going to give this to reads my blog (and she better!) it will ruin the surpirse. I will post a picture on Sunday, cause i'm gonna give it to her on Saturday!! Hey, did you notice the counter?? I have had over 500 visits!! That is sooo cool, I was so excited I went shopping! Have you seen the new studio G cupcake stamps over at Michael's?, they are so cute I almost bought them all! But luckily I stopped myself. Well off to the dollar store, then to pick up Julia. Have a scrappy day!


  1. Dang...since I'm not going to see you Satrday, I guess it isn't me! BTW...LOVE your DC cart...I may "loose" it...LOL!

  2. Isn't it great!! I LOVE using it, it was the very first one I bought. If it does not make it home I know where you live!!



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