Saturday, March 27, 2010

A new scraproom

well, almost new. Actually not even close, its the same room with a new desk! I got my new desk built last Sunday, not the saw horse desk I wanted but it was still hand made and has pink legs!! I finished the week 2 weeks ago with taking my room apart, and a BIG mess in the middle of the room! It took a day to build the desk, and a day of painting. Then it took another day to get everything where I wanted it. I even painted my shelves!! Can you guess the color?? Yep, PINK! Here are some pictures from my room

I also wanted to share with you something my friend Krisitn and I found the other day at michaels. We where in the American Girl section and came across the desk pad. It is really cute! Its 30 sheets and at a really good price, $9.99 we also used a 40% coupon so that made it cheaper!! It is really cute, and will come in handy for me! Just wanted to pass it along to you! I will be getting another for Julia, we are making her a desk this summer before she starts school. There is a picture of it in the slide show of my scrap room pics!


Monday, March 8, 2010

PINK! PINK! Everything will be PINK!!

Don't you just love the color pink!? Well, you may or may not but I LOVE it!! This weekend, I painted a few things pink, and when I say a few I only mean 2! I painted my display (is that spelled right??) and my large scraper watermelon pink. They are soo pretty! Wanna see them??

Aren't they soo pretty! I am hoping to have a new desk in a few weeks that will be that color, well the base will anyways.

Now, for a few other creations I made this past week. The first is a called a bragging board, not my original idea, I got the idea from another blog knockoff wood. She has the best furniture plans for those who want to build it. That is also where I found the desk I am hoping to have in a few weeks. I started by wanting the cameron desk, but changed my mind and now have decided on the saw horse desk 2 of them! So back to the board, I took a piece of wood, not sure the size and modge poged some cute paper onto it, then modge poged the clothes pins and glued them down to the wood. I was really impressed with how it turned out.

Now my favorite thing I made this weekend! My new sign!! I saw it last week at a scrapbooking store and had to have it!! So I made it! I used a blank metal sign that I bought from hobby lobby at valentines, some paper from micheals, cardstock from american crafts, vinyl and of course modge podge!! That stuff has become my new bff!! OH!! I also used my gypsy!! I am soo happy with the way it turned out. The center of the sign is from accent essentials and the letters are form opposites attract.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Video Coming soon!

I learned how to do something that will save me tons of money!! Do you want to know what it is?? Well, you will have to wait for my video so I can tell you and show you at the same time!
I will give you a hint: Don't throw away your used glue glider pro cartridges anymore!!



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