Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Collage Layouts

Have you ever made a collage with your layout?? Now that I think of it, I have done one before *duh it's in my header*. Well, I have been trying very hard to get caught up on my pictures I haven't done Christmas yet, then I have Julia's bday party still need to order those prints. Lots to do!! Anyways, I started tonight with Christmas and thought since there are soo many pictures of our princess opening presents on Christmas morning I would trim them down and make a collage layout. OH was it hard!
I started with the idea of using a 8.5x8.5 page, then realized I needed more space so I used a 10x8.5 piece of paper. I arranged them all and put them down using repositionable adhesive, once I had them just right, well not really still have to trim one or two. I used my Glue Glider Pro to glue them! I realy like the way this looks, seems like a much nicer way to use mulitple pictures than having all those pictures on the page with different mats and stuff like that. Now all I need to do is pick some paper, cut some stuff from my Cricut, add a title then, well you get the hint basically just finish the page! Ok, off to bed back to MDO tomorrow need to get up EARLY!

New Scrap Blog

Boy Scrap'r Go and check it out!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I LOVE my Cricut!

Well I have been creating for days now and I must say I love, love, love my Cricut! Don't think that I haven't always loved it, I just seem to love it more today than when I first got my baby bug. Why, you ask well because I have been working on my whimsical bugs dt challenge and it has made me look at all my cartridge's and say "Wow!!" I have used a variety of cartridges for this creation, maybe 5 so far. I am loving it!!

I also started working on my b-day cards for the swap. I am happy with the first set I made not sure what I am doing for the second. For my cards, I used the new EK punch not sure of the name but its the one that looks the paper was torn out of a notebook. I have had this punch since the beginning of the month and barely used it last night!

B-day cards.....

Whimsical Bugs Challenge so far............

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A cut file

I made this a while back and got around to testing the cut and it is works! Here is the file I made, its a file folder. Enjoy! Leave a comment if you decided to download it!!! BTW, It's made with George and Basic Shapes and needs a 12x24 mat.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do you ever

loose something that is right in front of you?? I swear the past few days I have been loosing everything! Each time I switch from my deep cut housing to the regular housing I loose the regular one. Then today, I went to clean a stamp I used and poof it was gone I did find it somehow it ended up on the floor. I went looking for my new pink bone folder and can't find that either! I think I either dropped it in my brother's car or left it at Kristin's. I hope I find it SOON I really liked that one, and not only cause it was pink but because it was sturdier than others. So I ask does that ever happen to you???

Goal update

Well, it's now the 18th of March and I don't think I have met even half of my goals! I have only made 1 card, well 2 but 1 is not finished yet. I have done maybe 3 layouts if that I think that includes what I did in Galveston. And as for my room, well its staying semi clean. I will say the jetmax cubes really help me keep it clean, especailly now that I have 4! Then there is the RAK, hmm not sure what to do for that...WAIT I got it!! I would tell you but if the person I am going to give this to reads my blog (and she better!) it will ruin the surpirse. I will post a picture on Sunday, cause i'm gonna give it to her on Saturday!! Hey, did you notice the counter?? I have had over 500 visits!! That is sooo cool, I was so excited I went shopping! Have you seen the new studio G cupcake stamps over at Michael's?, they are so cute I almost bought them all! But luckily I stopped myself. Well off to the dollar store, then to pick up Julia. Have a scrappy day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A challenge

So, this morning I logged on to the Whimsical bugs blog, to get the newest challenge and boy did Ii find one! We have to alter flash cards with an Easter theme!! I have no clue where to start, or what to do. I am thinking maybe a mini album or some tags, I just don't know! But I do know I need to get some zip dry (think that's the name) and flash cards. Well, at least now I won't have to wonder about what I will be taking to this weeks crop night!

This past Saturday I completed a challenge from a group member, it was a layout I believe from 52 Sketches. I had fun with this one, for 1 I got to use pictures I have been trying to scrap for a while and another I used my beloved cricut (well really it was Kristin's since I was at her house).

Friday, March 13, 2009

Isn't it March??

I thought we are supposed to have nice weather in March?? Instead its cold and rainy, so I spent my morning making this................................So, what do you think?? Isn't it C U T E! I can't wait to wear it!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Won!!

I entered a blog candy give away a while back, and today got an email saying I won!!! What did I win you ask, well I won the Spellbinders Butterfly Reflections Dies!! Thanks to Candice at Designs by Candice for my new toys!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring is coming!

I have spent the past 2 days, getting everything cleaned and ready for spring!! I have also started pulling out all the Easter decorations, and making a few also! Thought I would post them before I head to bed! I made a few Easter decorations for the flower boquet I made in February. I also made another wall hanging, just need to finish it. Today, I also did my WHimsical bugs challenge! The challenge was to make a St Patricks day card, I've never made a card for this holiday so it was a challenge. I am happy with the end result! Ok, now to bed! Oh, and I am also adding a bday card I made for my dd's bday party.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Altered sign

I never know how to start a new subject! I always start then delete, the restart then delete again! Anyways, this is a sign I made over the weekend! I bought the sign from hobby lobby and used my cricut and wall pops to decorate it!! The font is zooballo, and the bunny is from doodlecharms. I also outlined it with stickles.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let me first start with saying, I did not get my room cleaned! Instead after I dropped Julia off at MDO, I went to Hobby Lobby. I walked around there for an hour or so, and found some really cute stuff! Then I came home and cleaned the rest of the house. So its still a wreck!

Saturday, I had some girls come over and we scraped! We had lots and lots of fun as always! We even went on an adventure to rescue Kristin! I got 1 card done, made a sign, and finished a layout I started in Galveston. Today, well with the time change I did NOTHING! It feels really good to do nothing sometimes! I did manage to get out and go to the new Target thats about 10 mins from me, they have a huge line of Pink EK Success scrap stuff! From punches, to cutting tools! I also found the pink bone folder I have been wanting (since I saw Krisitn's), and I also found a rotary cutter. Have you seen the glitter paper they carry now??? Its soo pretty! My brother bought me a pack the other day, it has pink, red, and purple its a very thin paper not like mist glitter paper and the glitter does not come off either! I used some last night and it cuts very very good with the cricut. I will definetly buying more of it! Ok, off to do something, not sure what though!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A few things......

Well, I made it home from our fun weekend in Galveston!! I had tons of fun, and got well got some stuff done! I think I completed 5 layouts, my whimsical bugs challenge, and thats it! When I got home I figured since most of my stuff was packed I would put my jet max cubes together. I had 3 and bought 1 on the way home! I got down to the last one and it was missing a piece, so I took it back to michael's but the 2 I went to are out!! Now I have 2 rain-checks sitting in my purse, and 3 of the new EK Success slim line punches sitting in my room! Guess a girl can't have it all! So now, I must devote my self to cleaning my room tomorrow. I did manage to start putting stuff away in the cubes that are already put together. My poor room looks like a tornado went thru it, it's soo messy I can't even think about scrapping. I think I am going to start making monthly goals for my self! So here they are:
  • 5 Cards, other than challenges or swaps.
  • 10 layouts, other than challenges or swaps.
  • 1 RAK
  • Keep Scraproom semi clean! (Nearly impossiblt but a girl can dream!)

Wish me luck!! Also, keep checking back to learn about the RAK!!


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