Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do you ever

loose something that is right in front of you?? I swear the past few days I have been loosing everything! Each time I switch from my deep cut housing to the regular housing I loose the regular one. Then today, I went to clean a stamp I used and poof it was gone I did find it somehow it ended up on the floor. I went looking for my new pink bone folder and can't find that either! I think I either dropped it in my brother's car or left it at Kristin's. I hope I find it SOON I really liked that one, and not only cause it was pink but because it was sturdier than others. So I ask does that ever happen to you???

1 comment:

  1. Hey chickie, I haven't seen my pink boner (sorry, nasty sounding huh!) in a long time. In fact I got it after you got yours (cause you know it made me crazy you had it and I didn't) and I lost it. So maybe they have a special hiding power? I would give more of my theory but I am afraid I would make you blush! LOL



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