Friday, July 31, 2009

A little more sewing….

  I went into my scrap room about an hour or so ago to work on my Whimsical Bugs challenge and came out with pictures’ of the cover I made for Miss. Cricut instead! It was VERY easy to make, especially since I messed up but my mistake ended up helping me more than hurting me! Now tomorrow I HAVE to work on my challenge!


Front and Back:


Sides or where I messed up:


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A little sewing….

Well, I decided to make a cover for my beloved Kitchen Aid mixer! It only took me 2 try's and about 24 hours to complete it. I must say for having no pattern and very little sewing experience I did a good job…at least I think so! I even sewed ribbon on to it as well as the binding. Now, i just realized that my mixer is named Mr. Mixit but has a girlie cover..oh well it’s pretty! I am considering adding a pocket to it. Now, to start on my Cricut mixer and my design team challenge.

IMG_2688 IMG_2686

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Lately I have been reorganizing everything in my house. When I do this I have a habit of throwing things away, moving things from one room to another or just shoving it in the closet. I recently did this with a memo board I bought from hobby lobby on clearance last year. Half was a chalk board and the other was a cork board. I was tired of  it hanging there on the wall not being used, so I fixed it into something I knew or thought we would use. I took the middle piece of wood out, and made it one large calendar. I used a dry erase board I bought from hobby lobby, then cut strips of vinyl to section it off. I cut the words from the Don Juan cartridge. So, now hopefully we will use it!


IMG_2675 IMG_2673

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

A few months ago, my mom and her siblings took a group picture. This is probably the first one they have taken in a few years. So, for my design team challenge I used this picture, with the title brothers & sisters. The challenge was to use the & symbol from any cricut cartridge. Mine came from Alphalicous. I used the color core paper from coredenations (sp?), I ran it thru the cuttlebug using swiss dots then sanded it. It came out soo super cute! I also added a few pieces of bling! I mated the picture on a scallop frame that I made using ds and George. Then I added white to the edges to make it look as I had put sewed (sp?) it, but as with my own sewing it did not come out straight! Hope you enjoy the layout! I will be back later this week with my altered calendar I am currently working on!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Zoo layout

We went to the zoo a few months ago. Leading up to the day it was nice breezy weather, that day it was COLD! We did have a good time though. In this layout I also used it for the WSB DT challenge I used animal kingdom, zoobaloo, and lyrical. I had fun with this layout because I got to use the different animals. dinner!IMG_2604 IMG_2599


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