Monday, March 8, 2010

PINK! PINK! Everything will be PINK!!

Don't you just love the color pink!? Well, you may or may not but I LOVE it!! This weekend, I painted a few things pink, and when I say a few I only mean 2! I painted my display (is that spelled right??) and my large scraper watermelon pink. They are soo pretty! Wanna see them??

Aren't they soo pretty! I am hoping to have a new desk in a few weeks that will be that color, well the base will anyways.

Now, for a few other creations I made this past week. The first is a called a bragging board, not my original idea, I got the idea from another blog knockoff wood. She has the best furniture plans for those who want to build it. That is also where I found the desk I am hoping to have in a few weeks. I started by wanting the cameron desk, but changed my mind and now have decided on the saw horse desk 2 of them! So back to the board, I took a piece of wood, not sure the size and modge poged some cute paper onto it, then modge poged the clothes pins and glued them down to the wood. I was really impressed with how it turned out.

Now my favorite thing I made this weekend! My new sign!! I saw it last week at a scrapbooking store and had to have it!! So I made it! I used a blank metal sign that I bought from hobby lobby at valentines, some paper from micheals, cardstock from american crafts, vinyl and of course modge podge!! That stuff has become my new bff!! OH!! I also used my gypsy!! I am soo happy with the way it turned out. The center of the sign is from accent essentials and the letters are form opposites attract.


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  1. How funny...I just bought the stuff to make the same brag clippie board! I love mod podge too. I've been working on some decor stuff over here while I've been sick. Can't wait to see your desk!



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