Saturday, March 27, 2010

A new scraproom

well, almost new. Actually not even close, its the same room with a new desk! I got my new desk built last Sunday, not the saw horse desk I wanted but it was still hand made and has pink legs!! I finished the week 2 weeks ago with taking my room apart, and a BIG mess in the middle of the room! It took a day to build the desk, and a day of painting. Then it took another day to get everything where I wanted it. I even painted my shelves!! Can you guess the color?? Yep, PINK! Here are some pictures from my room

I also wanted to share with you something my friend Krisitn and I found the other day at michaels. We where in the American Girl section and came across the desk pad. It is really cute! Its 30 sheets and at a really good price, $9.99 we also used a 40% coupon so that made it cheaper!! It is really cute, and will come in handy for me! Just wanted to pass it along to you! I will be getting another for Julia, we are making her a desk this summer before she starts school. There is a picture of it in the slide show of my scrap room pics!


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