Friday, September 18, 2009

New cartridges!!!

Well, as many of you know Cricut cartridges where on sale this week at Michalels! So, I went and got From my Kitchen and Sweethearts! Then decided I was not liking sweethearts too much so went to another M's and swapped it for the other one I really wanted Everyday Paper Dolls! LOVE THAT ONE!

I have to say the From my Kitchen one is cute but it really could have been better! Why is the mixer just a hand mixer, why isn't it a stand mixer or have to option to be a stand mixer??? That is the part that bugs me! Then it just seems like they didn't get too creative with some of the stuff. I don't know!

Then there is the Everyday Paperdolls, like I said above LOVE IT! I think Provo Craft did an excellent job on this paperdolls cart! I like that they didn't fill in spaces with multiple hair styles, shoes, etc.. I think everyone that I have showed it to has liked it! I think my personal favorite on the cartridge is the dog, she kinda looks like our Queenie dog!

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  1. I REALLY thought about getting Everyday Paper Dolls. IT is sooo cute! Next time.. if there is one! lol

  2. I have been wanting to purchase From My Kitchen. On my birthday list. If I don't get it then I guess I will have to purchase one fore myself.



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