Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A little sewing….

Well, I decided to make a cover for my beloved Kitchen Aid mixer! It only took me 2 try's and about 24 hours to complete it. I must say for having no pattern and very little sewing experience I did a good job…at least I think so! I even sewed ribbon on to it as well as the binding. Now, i just realized that my mixer is named Mr. Mixit but has a girlie cover..oh well it’s pretty! I am considering adding a pocket to it. Now, to start on my Cricut mixer and my design team challenge.

IMG_2688 IMG_2686


  1. I think it turned out fantastic!

  2. well, how adorable is that girl! i just love the fabric and it is just so darn cute! what a fabulous idea! hugs!



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