Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Lately I have been reorganizing everything in my house. When I do this I have a habit of throwing things away, moving things from one room to another or just shoving it in the closet. I recently did this with a memo board I bought from hobby lobby on clearance last year. Half was a chalk board and the other was a cork board. I was tired of  it hanging there on the wall not being used, so I fixed it into something I knew or thought we would use. I took the middle piece of wood out, and made it one large calendar. I used a dry erase board I bought from hobby lobby, then cut strips of vinyl to section it off. I cut the words from the Don Juan cartridge. So, now hopefully we will use it!


IMG_2675 IMG_2673


  1. Great idea!! I sooo need to organize!!

  2. Love it! I just bought some supplies to make a white board into the girls chore chart. I'm so brain dead, I NEVER thought about using my Cricut to make it! DUH...

  3. great project, rachel! i just love it!!



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