Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Thanks to my good "Scrapbook Friend" Kristin, who called me up yesterday to tell me how I had to go and get the Hello Kitty Greeting cartridge! Why, because of the strawberry! Anyone who know's me, know's my daughter LOVES strawberries! The funny thing is when I went over to Michael's on Sunday to pick up the Lyrical Letters cartridge (which is awesome by the way) I picked up HK Greeting, and the strawberry caught my eye but I was good and put it back! Until the the phone rang, and I took my happy little self back to m's to buy my new Hello Kitty Greetings. Now I have 28 and can say at this time there is not a single cartridge on my "need" list!

Any how, today I decided to play with DS and HKG! What fun I had!! I made a strawberry mesh page! It came out soo cute, and only took me half a day and 3 test cuts to get it just right! If you would like the cut file, leave a comment with your email address and I will send it to you ASAP. It does need to be cut on a 12x12 mat. Also, with a thick piece of cardstock, pressure max, speed max and blade 6. Trust me makes it alot easier when trying to get all the little pieces out!!


  1. TFS...I bought HKG tonight. Been wanting it for a long time.
    Would you mind sharing the cut file?

    Thanks, Nancy

  2. OK, this is your enabling scrap friend Kristin, and I have no guilt whatsoever in talking you into getting this cartridge. It is just make for you and your ADORABLE daughter that I finally got to spend some time around. I really enjoyed getting to see her in action cause it is clear she is even more cute than ANY strawberry you could find! You are a lucky mommy!

  3. Lovely work - I also have a daughter who loves strawberries and have a great picture of her strawberry picking last year. Could I please have a copy of your file and I will use it to scrap the pic. Many Thanks

  4. OMG Rahel that is tooo cute. i am sure chichihaha is very happy with all the strawberries you can make her to

  5. I love this paper, it is a great idea for a video.

  6. this is really cute. I would love if you shared the cutfile. Thanks so much. My email is akybrat326@yahoo.com

  7. This is so cute. Just bought HK yesterday. Would love to have the cutfile. kad865@rogers.com


  8. This is so cute.
    Thank you for sharing this file.


  9. Wow! This is so COOL!! I would love to have this cut file!

  10. Rachel, cute mesh and a darling daughter! Would love to have your file. TFS


  11. This is adorable! I have adorable pics of my daughter dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake and I would love this cut file. Would you mind sharing?
    Thanks,Lisa B



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