Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well, I now have 30 Cricut cartridges!!! Yesterday, I got the Potpourri Basket cartridge!! I was soo exicted when I saw it! How did I get it you ask, well I will tell you! Antonio (boyfriend, husband guy) had a coworker who ordered the Expressions from the infomercial for his family. Well they never used it so he sold it and gave me the cartridge!! I was soo excited to get it!

Now, off to make Julia and myself matching approns.......wish me luck!

P.S. Julie, if you are reading this HELP ME!!


  1. What do you need help with? I will be home most of the morning tomorrow.

  2. not only are you making your self one but one for chichihaha? i think that hmm can i make fun of you now, since you got such a kick about mine? you know i made the blue with red one? i can help if you need any help just let me know

  3. Congratulations on #30!! You didn't waste any You'll have to post a picture of your finished aprons. :)



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